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- Dr. Nan Kathryn Fuchs



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"What I appreciate most about you and your newsletter is the integrity behind it. There are too many health practitioners out there who are only interested in the commercial aspects. We need more people like you!"

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"Women’s Health Letter provides good, solid information in an intelligent, honest and straightforward manner. I love the lack of hype and not being talked down to."

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"I just want to drop you a note to tell you how great I’m feeling. Thank you again. You’re a miracle worker!"

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"I started taking the reverse calcium-and-magnesium formula that I read about in your letter. The backaches (along with the constipation I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about) have disappeared. Overall, I feel better than ever.”

Lydia F., KS

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Women’s Health Letter brings you natural, non-invasive therapies that really work. You will discover new healing breakthroughs long before you read about them anywhere else. And Women’s Health Letter will help you avoid any therapy that puts your health at risk or wastes your time and money.

Editor-in-Chief Nan Kathryn Fuchs, holds a PhD in nutrition and attended the Institute of Oriental Medical Studies. She co-founded one of the first holistic health centers in the country in 1976. Dr. Nan is a published author of 8 books and she’s written dozens of health and nutrition articles. You may have seen her on TV in the past, as she’s appeared on more than 100 television and radio programs over the years.

Dr. Nan brings you the latest healing breakthroughs that are proven safer and more effective than conventional therapies. These natural remedies work better and are far less expensive than what you’re spending now.

With a large network of top integrative physicians, health researchers and other medical insiders, she’s constantly uncovering new studies and treatments that can help you get off dangerous drugs, stay out of doctor’s offices, and achieve better health naturally.

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Health Alert
E-cigarettes might be even more toxic than real cigarettes

Smoking can kill you, but now we know that e-cigarettes can too. If you're trying to stop smoking by using smokeless cigarettes, you need to know that their active ingredient — nicotine — is a strong neurotoxin. Your skin can absorb it — and you can ingest it orally. Its flavorings — cherry, chocolate, and bubble gum — make it attractive for children as well as adults. What's more, these toxic flavorings, or "e-liquids," are totally unregulated. This makes it easy for you to get seizures, vomit, or even kill yourself.

Is Alzheimer’s Disease
Curable? New Research Suggests It Is

A good friend recently told me that one of her relatives just found out she has Alzheimer’s disease. Of course, her family wondered if there was any new information on stopping its progression. So I decided to take a closer look at current research. This relative is only in her early 60s. As you can imagine, her diagnosis shook her family to its core. After all, we’ve all heard that Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease with no cure. But what I found in my search suggests you can stop it and, at times, even reverse it – without expensive high-tech treatments.

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